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The Burning of Isobel Key

The Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel

Date Finished: 22/11/12

Pages: 288

I received this ebook for review by the author which was a great coincidence in itself. Just mere hours before I received this review request, I had came across Jen’s twitter page and thought this book sounded like a great read!

Feeling unwell this morning and told to take it easy and get lots of bed rest (which is not easy for me), I decided to start reading The Burning of Isobel Key.

At the start we are introduced to Lou who after walking out on her job, then ventures to Edinburgh with her roommate.

Whilst there Lou learns about the burnings of witches in the 17th century and unfolds a trail of discoveries not only about these events but also about herself and her family.

I loved how this ebook skipped back and forth from Lou and Isobel Key (of 17th century). I found myself lost within the plot and I just couldn’t stop reading chapter after chapter!

This is Jen McConnel’s first book and what a beauty it is. Can’t wait to read more by Jen in the future…






Ginger x



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Crossroads by Rowan Scot-Ryder






Available for free at smashwords!

Date Finished: 16/11/2012

Pages: approx 1737 words

Sam travels back to the 1930’s and has 7 years to make his mark on the world.

I had hope of this being a really good novella but the ending was so mediocre that it disappointed.

Rowan Scot-Ryder writes very well, however, and therefore I will keep an eye out for more of his work regardless.


Ginger x


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Callum by Malorie Blackman






Date Finished: 12/11/12

Pages: 65

When I saw this short book on Amazon UK yesterday i thought even though its only 65 pages I must download it. I have read every book in Malorie’s noughts and crosses series, so didn’t want to overlook this ebook.

Callum was published in April this year, and the book is told through the eyes of Callum after the LM kidnap Sephy. I do feel you need to have read the series in order to then read this book, and understand what is occurring. However fans of the series will soon notice that this book has an alternative ending something which may/may not be liked.

75% of the ebook was Callum and 25% of the 65 pages was an extract from another book.

Overall, i was a little disappointed that there was not much more given in this book. I wanted more!




Ginger x

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Sundays in Bed With…#4


Today I was happily reading a book I received for Review. Its called Not Again by Richard von Hippel and is a memoir authored by Richard of an inspirational patient of his. Once I read the synopsis I knew it would be a book I would enjoy.

Its a quick read and I’m just under half way through. If you can’t wait for my review then go pick yourself up a copy from Amazon now!


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The Turtle Boy

The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke

Date Finished: 3/8/12

Pages: 97

Downloaded this short YA ebook rom Amazon after browsing for something light to read. After reading some of the good Amazon reviews, I decided why not. The Turtle Boy is the first in a series about Timmy Quinn and is written in the third person. The book focuses Timmy, the myths surrounding a nearby pond and the secrets behind Darryl, a boy Timmy discovered there. When it came to the ending I actually said OMG aloud and had to explain to Specs what that was all about 🙂

Full of twists and turns this ghost story will keep you interested and wanting to discover more – I now need to read the next book in the series 😀

Now go read it!!

Reviewed by Ginger 2012

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 Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Date Finished: August 2012

Pages: 455

So I was really excited to read this book, but I was slightly nervous as the majority of trilogies tend to disappoint after either the first or second book. I was however really pleased that this book did not let me down! I loved how Suzanne described Katniss’ mental state and the fighting of her feelings. This book was the most emotional and there are points in the book where you will find yourself fighting back the tears. This book and the whole series are some of my favourite books of all time. Specs o-o

Deserves no less…

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Fast Lane

Fast Lane by Hardit Singh

Date Finished: 20/8/12

Read in under 30 mins

Ginger > Discovered Hardit Singh and this free short read from twitter. The story details a short account of the life of detective Vincent whose current investigation brings lies in his homelife to light. Hardit Singh writes well and the only negative comment I have is that I feel the ending could be improved. I have read a quite a few short books of this genre and feel an ending should have a final thought/dramatic finish, something which would make the reader say “wow”. I would like to read more by Hardit Singh maybe something a bit longer this time 🙂


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