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Sundays in Bed With…#7

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This morning as well as still reading The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan, I have started reading a book I got yesterday at Skoob.


I have read so many books by the duo Nicci French and when I discovered this newly paperback by them in Skoob, I thought I must have it to add to my collection! Im only 30 pages in so far but already it is addictive.

Looks like its going to be another great read by the duo but lets wait and see 🙂

Ginger x


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Secret Smile

Secret Smile by Nicci French


Date finished: earlier this year
Pages: 309

This was not my first book by Nicci French. The husband & wife duo are some of my favourite authors – their books never disappoint.

The story is based around a woman who dumps a guy after dating him for short period of time. However he becomes obsessed with emotionally torturing her and interfering with her life in many ways.

I don’t want to spoil the story too much by giving a lot away but the book was great throughout and loved the ending.

If you have yet to read a Nicci French book then this is a great one to start with.

Look out for more of my reviews of Nicci French books!


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Perfect Crime

ImagePerfect Crime by Jack Erickson

40% of ebook is previews of other ebooks

Date Finished: 15/8/12

This ebook is currently in the top 100 free ebooks list on amazon, and when I realised it was a very short read I decided to give it a shot. It started out to be well written and kept me reading. However about 58% through the ebook the story was coming to a sudden finish. I felt the author could have dragged the end out a little bit more to continue the enjoyment. Ginger x

I present this book with


Stop! Spoliers!

A woman who after suspecting her husband of cheating drives down to a friends place (suspected of being their hideaway) and sees her husband and his lover through its window. There and then she sets out to follow through with her plan of murdering them both and make it out to appear an accident gas explosion. The crime goes unsuspected and its not till months later when a new lawyer is on the case that the police learn the accident was in fact murder…

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