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 Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Date Finished: August 2012

Pages: 455

So I was really excited to read this book, but I was slightly nervous as the majority of trilogies tend to disappoint after either the first or second book. I was however really pleased that this book did not let me down! I loved how Suzanne described Katniss’ mental state and the fighting of her feelings. This book was the most emotional and there are points in the book where you will find yourself fighting back the tears. This book and the whole series are some of my favourite books of all time. Specs o-o

Deserves no less…

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Life Sentences

Date Finished: earlier this year
Pages: 387

Ginger > Picked up this book and after reading blurb decided to take it home something I now regret!

Calliope hit the headlines after killing her son although she refused to give up the whereabouts of his body. Cassandra is a writer who went to school with Calliope and goes on the search for answers in order to write a book on the happenings.

Sadly the book lost me about 1/4 of the way through. I pushed myself to carry on reading in the hope that it will improve, but was disappointed. The back cover says the plot includes terror, thrills, drama, law & order, and conspiracy – well please could someone guide me to where in the book they exist!

Sorry but this book deserves


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The Stolen Child

The Stolen Child by Brian McGilloway

Date Finished: 18/8/12                 

Read in under 30mins

A very short read but it captivated me as a reader throughout and the fact that it was free to download from amazon was a bonus! Sometimes I have found short reads to be rushed especially towards the end, but this ebook with its twists and turns kept me readng. I do feel the story would do great if extended further and made into a book or even novella.

Ginger gives 5 stars to this fab read!

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Perfect Crime

ImagePerfect Crime by Jack Erickson

40% of ebook is previews of other ebooks

Date Finished: 15/8/12

This ebook is currently in the top 100 free ebooks list on amazon, and when I realised it was a very short read I decided to give it a shot. It started out to be well written and kept me reading. However about 58% through the ebook the story was coming to a sudden finish. I felt the author could have dragged the end out a little bit more to continue the enjoyment. Ginger x

I present this book with


Stop! Spoliers!

A woman who after suspecting her husband of cheating drives down to a friends place (suspected of being their hideaway) and sees her husband and his lover through its window. There and then she sets out to follow through with her plan of murdering them both and make it out to appear an accident gas explosion. The crime goes unsuspected and its not till months later when a new lawyer is on the case that the police learn the accident was in fact murder…

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Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum

ImageBroadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum by Mark Stevens

Date Finished: 2011

I have had a strong interest in the history of asylums and workhouses and I then came across this free ebook last year. Not only does it disclose the history of Broadmoor but also details the lives of a handful of its inmates. I dislike books that overload you with facts and figures and found this ebook the opposite, it is a great history read which I could learn from and enjoy. Ginger x

I give this ebook …


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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

Date Finished 14/8/12 207 pages

When I picked up this book I had yet to watch the film, but was intrigued by it’s popularity. It is important to remember that this book was not necessarily written for adult readers. Therefore its simplicity and 207 pages fit in well with its young audience. However, I must say I was rather disappointed with this book especially as I was heading towards the end. I felt the build up to the finale was rushed and the ending was abrupt.

Overall I give 3 stars to this quick YA read!

Ginger x

Spoliers warning!!!

It is a tale of a young boy called Bruno, in the midst of the holocaust but he is oblivious to the happenings around him. His family move away from Berlin to Auschwitz where they find their house opposite a concentration camp. Bruno griefed with boredom goes for a walk and starts talking to a boy behind the fence of the camp called Schmuel. Their regular chats become a comfort for both of these lonely boys. Later in the book Schmuel notifys Bruno that his father has disappeared within the camp, and betweent them they hatch a plan to sneak Bruno into the camp in order for him to help Schmuel find his father. However the plan soon turns ugly when Bruno and Schmuel find themselves being marched into a room alongside other prisoners…

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