A message for me


A message for me by Rowan Scot-Ryder

Date finished; 16/11/2012

Pages: approx 999 words

After reading Crossroads by Rowan, I then decided to look for another of his work to compare.

Rowan writes so well and when I read his work I can picture every moment.

This short piece is poetic and very moving.

Can’t say much about the plot as it is such a short read it will give too much away.

Takes less than 10 mins to read so just go ahead!

Available for free download here at Smashwords


Ginger x

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Stacking the Shelves…#2

the popular Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

Here are a few books we have received since our last posting: 

A message for me and Amnesia are both available for free on smashwords and are both short reads.

Look out for our reviews of these gems soon.

Specs & Ginger x


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Crossroads by Rowan Scot-Ryder






Available for free at smashwords!

Date Finished: 16/11/2012

Pages: approx 1737 words

Sam travels back to the 1930’s and has 7 years to make his mark on the world.

I had hope of this being a really good novella but the ending was so mediocre that it disappointed.

Rowan Scot-Ryder writes very well, however, and therefore I will keep an eye out for more of his work regardless.


Ginger x


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Callum by Malorie Blackman






Date Finished: 12/11/12

Pages: 65

When I saw this short book on Amazon UK yesterday i thought even though its only 65 pages I must download it. I have read every book in Malorie’s noughts and crosses series, so didn’t want to overlook this ebook.

Callum was published in April this year, and the book is told through the eyes of Callum after the LM kidnap Sephy. I do feel you need to have read the series in order to then read this book, and understand what is occurring. However fans of the series will soon notice that this book has an alternative ending something which may/may not be liked.

75% of the ebook was Callum and 25% of the 65 pages was an extract from another book.

Overall, i was a little disappointed that there was not much more given in this book. I wanted more!




Ginger x

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Sundays in Bed With … #6

Time for another Sundays in Bed with…

This morning I was in bed reading The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan.

I received this kindle book for review by the author and can’t wait to properly get stuck into its plot.

Susan Buchanan is a wonderful writer and both me and Specs love her style.

So if you can’t wait for our review, go buy it yourself at Amazon UK

Ginger x

Sundays in Bed with is a meme hosted by


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The man with the green suitcase


The Man with The Green Suitcase by Dee Doanes

Date Finished: 10/11/2012

Pages: 310

I received this book for review by the author. It includes a number of characters (instead of the common 1 or 2 main ones) and they are cleverly brought together due to the mysterious happenings by ‘the man with the green suitcase’.

The first few pages started off slow, I found myself finding it hard to follow the plot at times. However once the story started to unravel (after about pg 55), it was worth it.

I read the book in a few hours, only stopping once because I needed to eat!

Dee writes beautifully and I fell in love with the realistic characters and the magic within. What I loved more than anything is…I didn’t see what was coming at the end! Most mystery books are predictable and you can usually see what is coming, but not this one. To be a good book, the book has to end well and this one did.

Mysterious and magical, definitely worth a read!

Congratulations to Dee Doanes on her great book


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Stacking the Shelves #1


So while searching memes to include on the blog in between reviews, we came across the popular Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

It is a way for bloggers to write about the books they have gained recently, whether borrowed/brought/gained for review or found 🙂

We will be posting our Stacking The Shelves post every Saturday so keep an eye out!

Although unusually small for us, here is the list of books/ebooks we have acquired recently:

1. The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan


2. Daddy’s home by A.K Alexander


3. In the blood by Steve Robinson


4. Strange Love by Victoria Pearson


That’s it for now, but please get in touch and let us know what books you have brought/gained recently and whether or not they were any good.

Specs and Ginger

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