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The Reborn


The Reborn by Ray Mazza

Pages: 184

Date Finished: 24/10/12

The Reborn is the first part of the Day Eight series, which is a techno thriller written by Ray Mazza which follows the story of Trevor Leighton. Trevor is thrust into a world he could never have imagined when a small piece of ingenuity causes a system spike which has monumental implications. Trevor begins to learn that the company he works for is developing technology that no-one could have ever dreamed possible.

I found this book extremely gripping, I was hooked from the 1st page and wanted to find out how the story unfolded. It was well written and the book maintained a good pace. The story was full of twists and turns which kept me reading. The idea behind the book is brilliant and I think that being a geek this satisfied my inner nerd and for anyone who is interested in sci-fi you will absolutely love this book.

As such I award this book 5 stars


As this book is part of a series I have already jumped in to the second book, Of Mice and Hitmen.

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Reviewed by Specs 2012

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Sundays in Bed With…#5


Ok it’s a bit later than usual as its 9.15pm here but better later than never.

Tonight I will be reading Mockingjay #3 in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. When I read the other two books earlier this year I was then busy with uni and review books that I never got round to reading the last in the series. Specs has already read Mockingjay so that adds to the pain that I’ve not read it yet 😦

There’s no need to tell you all what Mockingjay is about, sure everyone knows of its wonders by now 🙂

Night all!

Ginger 2012

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Not Again by Richard Von Hippel

Not Again by Richard Von Hippel

Pages: 129

Date Finished: 21/10/2012

Richard Von Hippel details the life of one of his patients ‘Iris’ in his ebook titled Not again.

Iris encounters many hardships in her life but gets through each and every one of them and comes out stronger each time – therefore it is story which needs to be told.

I am disappointed that I read this book around the time when I was very busy with exams and work and had virtually no free time. So therefore I do not feel I could give it the greatest justice it might deserve in my review, as i stopped and started alot through out reading it.

With the ebook being 129 pages long (I read it in PDF form so this may vary) it was a short read which i liked, and the way it was written with short paragraphs made it easy to read. I liked the style of writing and felt that i could hear the lady Iris almost talking back to me as if her story was recorded on tape. The only two faults I personally had was a) the book cover – I felt it didn’t do the book justice and b) the ending felt like it abruptly stopped – like the story had been paused not finished.

Overall I enjoyed this quick read, and give this ebook …

UK Amazon link to buy the book

US Amazon link to buy the book
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Exam day is over!

Ok so after much hard work – my exam day finally came. This morning I sat my three hour exam in central London and I think I did really well, won’t find out results till December 😦

Just wanted to thank our readers and authors for being so patient with us – we will now be able to get back to normal and get blogging again – yay!!

Ginger x

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