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Once Removed


Once Removed by K B Walker

Date Finished: 31/8/12

Pages : 133

I received this book free from the author in exchange for a review. It is a short read detailing the friendship of a concerned teacher Abby and her pupil Beth and the secrets they hold. I fell in love with their friendship and loved the way K B Walker switches between characters. K B Walker is very descriptive in her writing and sets the scenes well. If I am honest, I actually fought back the tears when Abby’s parents died because the scene at the hospital and the way K B Walker described how Abby was feeling reminded me of the day I lost my grandad. To me for a writer to be able to connect with their readers even in an emotional way like this, shows talent!

Without giving away too much of the book, the plot centres around self harming. K B Walker obviously did her research and handled the subject with care.

Definitely worth a read…


Reviewed by Ginger 2012

Currently available as an ebook, Once Removed will be available in paperback from 21st September!

Link to Author’s Blog

Author on Twitter – @kbwalkerwrites

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Wolf of the Plains

Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden


Pages: 455                       Date Finished: 2011

Wolf of the plains by Conn Iggulden follows the epic tale of Genghis Khan. The story follows a you Genghis, known before his rise to power as Temujin all the way through his emphatic rise to power. Conn does a brilliant job of depicting the immense hardship that Temujin and his family were subjected to, and the length’s that he would go to to protect them. Once reading this book it ignited an intense interest in the Mongols and the dynasty that followed. This is a must read for any fan of historical fiction

I give this book 5 stars

ImageReviewed by Specs o-o

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Centurion by Simon Scarrow
Date Finished: 2011
Pages 533

Centurion was the first Simon Scarrow book that I read. The book focused on prefect Macro and Centurion Cato who are stationed in Palmyra which is just outside of Parthia. When Parthia begins to amas a force to go to war, it is down to Cato & Macro to hold the small kingdom. This book had me hooked from the first page, and is the reason I read Simon Scarrow books. This book is classic Scarrow, with his intimate blend of fiction and fact.

I award this epic novel


Reviewed by Specs o-o

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The Eagles Conquest

 The Eagle’s Conquest by Simon Scarrow

Pages: 432                                       Date finished: 2011

After reading Under the Eagle, I had to read The Eagle’s Conquest which is the second installment in the Eagle Series by Simon Scarrow. This book follows Cato and his commanding officer Centurion Macro. As Cato and Macro fight against a force which greatly outnumbered their own force, they have to deal with an enemy within their own ranks. Simon Scarrow outshines himself once again with this brilliant insight into the Roman Legions once again. I would recommend this series of books to anyone with an interest in the Roman Legions.

I award this book 4 stars !

Reviewed by Specs 2012

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Under the Eagle

Under the Eagle by Simon Scarrow

Date Finished: 2011

Pages: 454

Under the Eagle is the first in the Eagle Series by Simon Scarrow. The series is centred around Quintus Licinius Cato and his exploits in the Second Roman Legion. In this first book Cato joins up with the second legion and has a hard time adjusting to the difficult life on the legions. This book is really well written and blends in historical fact with exciting fiction. The fight scenes are written to perfection and show the ruthless efficiency of the roman war machine. It also details what life in the legions entailed, including the training. This book is a brilliant start to the series and I can’t wait to get on and read the rest of the series!

Reviewed by Specs o-o

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Deck of Lies:Justice

Deck of Lies: Justice #1 by Jade Varden

Date Finished: 27/8/12

Pages: 93

“My palms were sweating by now, and I had to draw a deep steadying breath before I could bring myself to open the cover on the first album.”

I was asked to review this e-book by the author. It is a YA book full of twists and drama – I struggled to put it down. Rain Ramey’s life changes after one days events and the twists and turns just kept coming. It was a nice short read and Jade Varden’s style reminds me very much of one of my favourite authors Malorie Blackman. Jade Varden writes well and any reader who loves YA books will not be disappointed with this one. Definitely not average…

Reviewed by Ginger 2012

This is the first book  a trilogy. Titles of the other two books are The Tower and Death.

Jade on Twitter – @JadeVarden

Jade’s Facebook

Jade’s Blog

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Fifty Shades of Grey


Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James
Date Finished: July 2012
Pages: 514

With the hype of this book increasing I decided to give it a go. To be honest I don’t understand what all the fuss is about – ok so maybe the sex scenes excite you. However in my honest opinion the writing was quite bad and plot was average and predictable – nothing really happened. I wouldn’t usually say so much negative comments about a book but with its popularity I couldn’t help but analyse it more. I have yet to read the sequels and am in no hurry to, unless someone can tell me they get better and until then there are plenty of fabulous books out there to keep me busy!

A rather generous 3.5 stars…


Reviewed by Ginger 2012

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